How Buying Used Lab Equipment Can Boost Your Bottom Line


There are a number of advantages to buying used lab equipment rather than purchasing new, most notably in the associated cost savings and environmental motivators. Though what many researchers may not realize is that with each used purchase from companies like REUZEit, they’re increasing their bottom line through avoided depreciation, retained value, and lesser upfront costs. 

Avoid Depreciation for Used Lab Equipment

When you buy a used lab asset, someone else has already taken the burden of depreciation – meaning you reap the resell benefits in the future. Oftentimes, you can find used lab equipment that’s still in mint condition while also avoiding the highest periods of depreciation during the asset’s life cycle. In short, since used equipment has already depreciated, its value will decrease at a much slower rate when you own it. This serves to improve the total value offered by used equipment in both the short and long term.

Used Lab Equipment Retains Value

Since used lab equipment sidesteps the largest portion of depreciation, it tends to keep its value quite well over time. Of course, proper maintenance is important to minimize the value loss associated with older units. Once you’re ready to resell your equipment, the total cost of owning it is significantly increased, allowing you to get back a large portion of what you originally spent. In other words, purchasing used lab equipment can retain value for future resell – as long as it’s properly maintained.

Reduced Upfront Costs

Used lab equipment, as expected, is a great option due to the reduced upfront expenses. Thanks to lower purchase costs, used equipment tends to be an attractive option for bootstrapped labs with tighter budgets such as startups or growing companies. In the short term, opting for used lab equipment over new purchases can boost your bottom line if you redirect any savings towards other business needs and areas of improvement. Furthermore, you can potentially save more on insurance, since used equipment has a lower price for reduced premiums.

Raise Your Bottom Line with REUZEit

Let’s face it, investing in laboratory equipment for your scientific research is a necessary cost. Luckily, we’re committed to providing you with options that you can fit into your budget. Money saved on one product can be used to finance another resource that is just as important to your progress. Whether you’re searching for innovative chemistry lab equipment or looking to replace broken lab equipment, REUZEit offers low-cost solutions that work as hard as you do. Browse the best surplus and gently used biotech and pharmaceutical equipment on the market! Check out our USA-based store or our European-based store to shop discount laboratory equipment.