Used Lab Equipment: Reduce, REUZE, and Innovate!


At REUZEit, we believe in more than just selling surplus lab equipment. We believe in educating ourselves, our customers, and the community about the social and environmental impacts of establishing a REUZE economy that extends the useful life of all laboratory equipment. We know that many lab equipment distributors carry quality products like us, but our dedication to reducing waste and pollution from over-manufacturing makes us a champion of our cause. 


Reduce Landfill Waste

According to, there isn’t much space left in United States landfills. With various waste, including e-waste such as broken lab equipment, it is estimated that these landfills will completely run out of room within 15 years. We believe it’s our social responsibility to understand the effects our businesses have on the environment in addition to being proactive about a solution. We specialize in managing surplus equipment for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and distributing them at a reduced price. Furthermore, our extensive experience of refurbishing lightly used laboratory equipment is estimated to have redeployed over 10 million pounds of equipment since 2012!


REUZE Lab Equipment

At REUZEit, we provide lab equipment with a lifeline to continue its function and bring about important data and discoveries in our scientific communities. The ability to reuse equipment is an opportunity to carry out our mission to reduce waste. We strive to provide you with discount laboratory equipment to work as hard as you do. In order to achieve this, all equipment sold with a 30-day warranty is subjected to a rigorous condition assessment and inspection to guarantee superb performance.


Innovate Within the Industry

For over 20 years, we have been fueling scientific innovation. We’re committed to setting an example in our communities and inspiring forward-thinking. Through the implementation of sophisticated scientific insight, we are changing the way our industry perceives used and surplus lab equipment. Our innovation allows us to bring scientific researchers the equipment they need to solve the problems of tomorrow. As we carry out our “Landfill Last” mantra, we hope to influence further innovation to preserve this planet we call home. 


REUZEit Laboratory Equipment With a Cause

When you purchase science lab equipment from REUZEit, you are supporting a larger circular economy with several Fortune 500 companies that have the foresight to reduce waste and practice reusing their capital lab equipment. Shop our online stores in both the USA and Europe to support a positive shift in the way we think about doing business.