Used Benchtop Equipment to Spruce Up Your Lab

Used Benchtop Equipment

your lab supplies while on a budget is to invest in used benchtop equipment. Benchtop equipment can be anything from scales, to scales and shakers to dry baths and heat blocks. REUZEit is a great source for gently used lab equipment that works like new. Keep reading to learn which lab equipment we offer at discounted prices.                                                                  


Heated Stir Plate

Heated stir plates are lab devices widely used in laboratories; they consist of a rotating magnet or a stationary electromagnet that creates a rotating magnetic field. This piece of lab equipment is used to make a stir bar, immersed in a liquid, quickly spin. Shop heated stir plates here.


Dry Bath / Heat Block

Dry baths and heat blocks offer digital control over both temperature and time. They are microprocessor-controlled heating blocks with heating technology. They’re a safe and convenient tool used to heat samples in flasks, tubes, and vials, which is ideal for obtaining consistent results and precise temperature stability. They also eliminate the need for an external thermometer or timer. Shop dry baths and heat blocks here.



Vortexes, rotators, and shakers are some of the primary technologies for mixing laboratory samples in test tubes, well plates, or flasks. They use a fairly simple mechanism that quickly oscillates in a circular motion. This shaking platform agitates samples, encouraging reactions and homogenization with high degrees of precision. Shop vortexes, rotators and shakers here.


REUZEit: The All-in-One Solution for Used and Surplus Lab Equipment

Investing in laboratory equipment for your scientific research is a necessary cost, and we’re committed to providing you with options that you can fit into your budget. At REUZEit, our products are highly reliable and can often be purchased with a 30-day warranty. We also offer financing options on our used lab equipment. Money saved on one product can be used to finance another resource that is just as important to your progress. Whether you’re searching for innovative chemistry lab equipment or looking to replace broken lab equipment, REUZEit offers low-cost solutions that work as hard as you do. Browse the best surplus and gently used biotech and pharmaceutical equipment on the market! Check out our USA-based store or our European-based store to shop discount laboratory equipment.