Sourcing Scientific Lab Equipment: The All-in-One Solution

Sourcing Scientific Lab Equipment

Sourcing scientific lab equipment can be a long and expensive process. However, there are many options that can fit your budget and fulfill your needs at the lab if you’re open-minded and resourceful. Let’s take a look at all of our options and see how they stack up. 


New Lab Equipment

New lab equipment is often associated with top-of-the-line technology. Though this is often true, the amount of money you spend on new lab equipment does not give you much more of a return on investment than a slightly older version. Is the small amount of time you save on processing worth the extra 10 grand? Maybe. But not always! Make sure to do your research to determine if the heightened technology will benefit your research and make an impact on your workflow.  


Surplus Lab Equipment

Bringing surplus lab equipment to the scientific community is one of the things REUZEit does best! REUZEit’s many partnerships ensure we have a steady flow of equipment, many of which are “like new”. This practice helps keep these items out of our landfills and in the circular economy. Support the environment and your research with surplus equipment from REUZEit.


Used Lab Equipment

Used lab equipment is a REUZEit specialty! We have a special rating system to ensure transparency between the buyer and REUZEit. We don’t want anyone to have reservations about what they’re paying for. Furthermore, REUZEit offers warranties on select items that have been rigorously inspected to guarantee superb performance. 


Refurbished Lab Equipment

Purchasing refurbished lab equipment is another great option for your lab. These previously faulty lab supplies are usually required to pass an inspection process before being sold again. This is especially true if it’s done by the lab equipment manufacturer. We recommend purchasing refurbished lab equipment with a warranty for extra protection. 


REUZEit: The All-in-One Solution for Used and Surplus Lab Equipment

Investing in laboratory equipment for your scientific research is a necessary cost, and we’re committed to providing you with options that you can fit into your budget. Money saved on one product can be used to finance another resource that is just as important to your progress. Whether you’re searching for innovative chemistry lab equipment or looking to replace broken lab equipment, REUZEit offers low-cost solutions that work as hard as you do. Browse the best surplus and gently used biotech and pharmaceutical equipment on the market! Check out our USA-based store or our European-based store to shop discount laboratory equipment.