REUZEit: How REUZing Equipment Saves You Money

Save money with REUZEit and support a circular economy

Technology has never been known to be cheap. Let’s face it; great research and breakthroughs require expensive lab equipment. Yet, as technology emerges, there are numerous lab supplies that are left unused and neglected, depreciating in off-site storage units, or worse, in the landfill. As a company that values our scientific community and their individual goals, we are dedicated to bringing cost-effective solutions to aid the momentum of your projects through certified pre-owned lab equipment sales.

REUZEit obtains surplus lab equipment or consigned science lab equipment from our community and turns it into an opportunity to provide powerful products that support a circular economy. So how does this save you money?


High Performance at Low Cost

We prioritize reliability and functionality in all discount lab supplies listed on the REUZEit website. Gently used biotech equipment, chemistry lab equipment, and pharmaceutical equipment are always inspected for performance. Our vetting process ensures your used lab equipment works as hard as you do for a fraction of the cost. For over 20 years, we have saved our customers millions of dollars on high functioning equipment that fuels their research and development.


Low-Risk Products

To ensure your confidence before committing to a purchase, all lab equipment for sale on REUZEit is subjected to a rigorous condition assessment inspection and sold with a 30-day warranty to guarantee superb performance. All items that come into our facility are triaged and assigned a class based on condition for complete transparency. There is no need to worry about purchasing broken lab equipment that may end up a wasted investment.


Finance Options

Upfront payments in full are not always possible or an efficient way to spend your money when purchasing used laboratory equipment. We understand that. For this reason, we have created a solution that works with your budget. We currently offer financing for our USA storefront. As this finance option has been well-received by our community, we are making an effort to extend this offer to our European store as well.  


Investing in laboratory equipment for your scientific facility is a necessary cost, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Money saved on one product can be used to finance another resource that is just as important to your progress. Are you ready to browse surplus lab equipment for sale and save? Check out our USA-based store or our European Store to shop discount laboratory equipment.