When & Why Should You Retire Used Lab Equipment?


Has your lab-chemistry equipment been producing questionable results? Maybe you have a cold storage freezer that makes funny noises, or a centrifuge that whirs just a bit too loudly. These are all vague signs to retire used lab equipment, though there’s another option. Before trashing your expensive equipment and making a new purchase, consider the route of reconditioning and redeployment with a surplus asset management company. 

Either way, there are a handful of ways to tell whether it’s time to retire your lab equipment, or attempt to refurbish it for an extended life:

Lacking Performance

Laboratory equipment is robust in design and developed with consistency in mind, though even the most well-made devices weaken in performance over time. This is why it’s so crucial to monitor the performance, or lacking performance, of your lab equipment, so that you can determine whether it’s starting to fail. A good way to get insight into the health of your used lab equipment is by listening to your lab technicians; if they seem to be complaining about certain inconsistencies with lab results, or if there are issues with cycle runs, it may be time to retire that outdated piece of equipment with a surplus asset management company. 

Noisy Equipment

Laboratory equipment, be it dissolution systems for lab-chemistry operations or cold storage freezers, is expected to produce some noise. Though it largely depends on the type of lab equipment at hand, excessive noise during operations typically points towards an issue with your equipment’s performance. If you or your lab technicians have noticed louder or abnormal noises when using certain equipment, it could be damaged, require reconditioning, or simply be at the end of its life cycle. 

Better Alternatives

Here at REUZEit, we aren’t exactly fans of tossing out old equipment for the sake of a new purchase. This is because new lab equipment tends to use the same components as older models, only with sleeker designs, quicker processing, and higher price tags. However, even if there aren’t any issues with your current lab equipment, the ever-evolving nature of lab tech could benefit the efficiency, consistency, and quality of your lab operations. 

Redeployment vs. Retirement

For budget-oriented researchers, be sure that when you retire used lab equipment, you’re certain that it’s at the end of its life cycle. Reconditioning experts such as the ClearPartners that REUZEit works with are skilled in refurbishing complex lab equipment, and even deliver redeployed assets to their new owners. Visit our website for more information on how our ClearPartners, equipment users, and Keystone users work together to “close the loop” on surplus asset waste. 

Retire Used Lab Equipment with REUZEit

Let’s face it, investing in laboratory equipment for your scientific research is a necessary cost. Luckily, we’re committed to providing you with options that you can fit into your budget. Money saved on one product can be used to finance another resource that is just as important to your progress. Whether you’re searching for innovative chemistry lab equipment or looking to replace broken lab equipment, REUZEit offers low-cost solutions that work as hard as you do. Browse the best surplus and gently used biotech and pharmaceutical equipment on the market! Check out our USA-based store or our European-based store to shop discount laboratory equipment.