RWD Life Science C 100 Automated Cell Counter

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C100 Automated Cell Counter
A Real Time-Saver Speeds up Your Research

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RWD C-100 automated cell counter is a reliable cell counting devices with highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics structure. It can realize accurate, safe cell-counting, and fluorescence analysis in 15 seconds and fast counting mode takes 3s only, which liberates researchers from the heavy work of daily cell counting.

High Accuracy 

  • High-definition imaging system and independently developed recognition algorithms technology enables C100 count and analyze stem cells, primary cells and cell lines accurately.
  • User-defined function. Users can self-define and preset thresholds for cell size, brightness, and roundness to reduce counting errors.
  • Parameters can be modified at any time to obtain the best cell imaging & more accurate counting results.
  • Primary mouse macrophages and HEK293 were counted with a hemocytometer and automated counters. The standard deviation of C100 was smaller and the CV value was less than 5%>


  • In bright field mode, a count can be completed in 15 seconds , while manual counting usually up to 5 minutes; Fast counting mode takes 3s only.
  • Fluorescence analysis operation is easy to use.
  • Built-in dilution calculator can give a dilution solution quickly based on the existed counting result, facilitate the experiments and save a lot time for operators.
  • If each operator counts 10 cell samples (5pcs) per day, then 23.75 hours can be saved each month.


  • Multiple data display and storage, including cell images, diameter distribution histograms, count results, live and dead cells percentage.
  • Convenient for storage and analysis, PNG, JEPG, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • 1,000 historical counts can be stored in the device or exported via USB.
  • 45° elevation angle, ergonomic design, reduced visual fatigue and cervical pressure.
  • 7-inch high-definition touch screen with friendly interaction and comfortable operation.
  • Disposable counting slides, no need to clean, reducing biological hazards risk.


Amplification Factor 2.5×, 5 mega-pixel
Focus Method Manual focusing & Autofocusing (less than 3s)
Counting Area 2.15 mm×1.62 mm
Fluorescence Application PI(Ex:540/25nm; Em:575/lp nm)
DAPI(Ex:375/28nm; Em:460/50nm)
AO/GFP(Ex:480/30nm; Em:535/40nm)
Cell Type Cell lines, stem cells, primary cells
Cell Size Range 4-60 μm (Optimal: 7-60 μm)
Cell Concentration Range 10 – 10 cells/mL
Cell Counting Time Less than 20s
Historical Data Storage 1000 counting reports and images at most
Languages Chinese and English

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
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Model C100
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Includes Power Cord
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
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