Aptia WFD-V36 Thin Film Distillation

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The Aptia WFD-V36 is a wiped film molecular distillation system that is used to separate high boiling point compounds such as CBD with minimum heat exposure and reduced risk of thermal degradation. Designed for high-volume industrial operations, the WFD-V36 is capable of feed rates of up to 15 kg per hour.

The WFD-V36 system is versatile and can be configured as a wiped or rolled thin film distillation system. The manufacturing is robust, and all components are time-tested and selected for durability. The system comes equipped with premium gear pumps and instrumentation, an internal condenser, and an innovative high-capacity cold trap. An intuitive touchscreen control panel improves the operator interface.

A key feature Aptia has engineered into the WFD-V is a fully integrated feed skid. By streamlining the decarboxylation, degassing and homogenization of extract within the feed skid prior to distillation, batch-to-batch consistency is ensured and production rates are increased.

Aptia’s application of robust industrial process engineering, intuitive design for the cannabis space, and high quality, precision-engineered components result in an industry-leading wiped film distillation solution.

WFD-V36 Key Features:

Touch Screen Controls
Integrated Feed Skid
m^2 heat transfer area
5-15 kg/hr product throughput


Feed Skid  48 L x 72 W x 65 H

Distillation Skid  48 L x 84 W x 100 H

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Model WFD-V36


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