Aptia VCO Full Vacuum Rated Oil Collection unit

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Aptias VCO is a versatile, 30 Gallon, stainless steel, jacketed vacuum reactor designed to support multiple extractions and refining processes. The VCO can be used to unload extract from a solvent recovery system in a completely sealed transfer. The efficient plate heat exchanger and solvent collection reservoir allow operators to remove and unload residual solvent that the primary recovery system left behind. While still in the vessel extract can be decarboxylated and degassed.

The VCO also provides temperature-controlled mixing for homogenizing extracts and flavorings, blending multiple batches of extracts, and creating tinctures. Whatever your needs, the VCO helps maximize your facilitys production.


30 Gallon, heavy-duty, stainless steel, full vacuum rated reactor.
Dimpled heat transfer jacket.
Solvent vapor condenser efficiently condenses up to 70 LPH of most solvents.
45 Liter stainless steel solvent collection reservoir.
Full vacuum rated glass manway.
Tank-mounted agitator with C1D1 Group D explosion-proof motor is controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
The Control panel includes VFD and real-time temperature display.
Stainless steel frame and sturdy mountable feet.
1 Year limited warranty

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Model VCO


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