Aptia Reactor Vessel

SKU: AE00001


Premium industrial reactors designed to support common post-extraction processes such as Winterization, Degumming, and Crystallization of CBD oil. Reactors are available in standard sizes of 30, 110 and 175 Gallons.

Each reactor is constructed with high-quality stainless steel and comes equipped with an industrial-duty agitator driven by a C1D1 Group D explosion-proof motor, an efficient heat transfer dimple jacket, and a glass manway for easy process observation.


The efficient heat transfer jacket provides optimal thermal efficiency and improved operator safety.
Tank-mounted agitator with C1D1 Group D explosion-proof motor.
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows for precise modulation of mixer speed.
Non-explosion proof control panel which can be mounted outside of a C1D2 zone includes extract temperature display and VFD controls.
Up to 10 PSIG of inert gas can be applied to facilitate passive fluid unloading or removal of oxygen from the processing environment.
The premium quality stainless steel tank and frame are optimized for hemp and cannabis refinement processes.
The reactor is offered in three standard sizes: 30, 110 and 175 Gallons.

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Model R30, R110, R175


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