Onikaze Heavy Smoker Mist Collector HVS-40-016 w/ SMC Air Dryer IDF6E-20-X139

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This is a custom cabinet with Onikaze Heavy Smoker Mist Collector model HVS-40-016 & SMC Air Dryer model IDF6E-20-X139.  Items are used and have been tested for basic power on functionality. 


The Onikaze Heavy Smoker Mist Collector model HVS-40-016  is a heavy duty, high performance mist and fume collector with a 4 step filtering processing sequence that captures both oil mist and smoke fume particles, as well as cutting debris. An industry leader, this collector has an efficiency of up-to 99.93% on mist collection.  


The Heavy Smoker design has 4 filtering steps: 1.- A Buffer Unit, 2.- A Louver Unit, 3.-A Cylindrical Filter, 4.- A Final Filter.

1.- The Buffer Unit  is a curved metal plate where the mist first collides. Impinging at the metal plate the liquids and debris stick to the curved surface and drip down upon when heavy enough. The resulting sludge and oil are collected at the bottom. This configuration reduces the filter load.

2,. The Louver Unit is a set of crossed grid set of (armored) buffer plates with an mesh alternating between vertical and horizontal design, all within a box-shaped structure. This helps remove heavy particles such as powdered dust. An extra filter within the box further improves this component’s efficiency.

3.- The Cylindrical Filter is the first fabric component inside the collector which captures mist which is squeezed-through by the powerful air flow of the turbo fan.

4.- The Final Filter is the last step in the filtering process of the Heavy Smoker, which collect particles from 0.3 microns wide. The highest grade in the industry, it collects 99.93% of particles, ensuring the cleanliness of the expelled air.

*additional accessories may be installed on and after the exhaust outlet port: extra filters or hose duct in order to move the exhaust air into another process.


The SMC Air Dryer model IDF6E-20-x139 removes the vapor from the moist compressed air delivered by the compressor, and prevents it from causing the pneumatic equipment to fail. Humid, hot air coming into the air dryer will be cooled down by a cooler re-heater (heat exchanger). Water condensed at this time will be removed from the air by an auto drain and drained out automatically. Air separated from the water will be heated by a cooler re-heater (heat exchanger) to obtain the dried air, which goes through to the outlet side.





Additional information

Weight 270 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 36 × 62 in
Make Onikaze
Model Onikaze Heavy Smoker Mist Collector HVS-40-016 & SMC Air Dryer IDF6E-20-X139
Serial 05030 & 1060205020299
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Includes Power Cord
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Voltage 120V/220V
hertz 50Hz/60Hz
Shipping Type Freight


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