YES (Yield Engineering Systems) Vapor Phase Deposition System 1224P

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 Yield Engineering Systems (YES) paired the latest advances in deposition technology with established plasma cleaning technology to create the YES-EcoCoat Vapor Phase Deposition System. Whether you need a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface for your application, the YES-EcoCoat is especially suited for achieving uniform results. Growing Need for Process Control As technology shrinks, the need for precise control over nanoscale surface areas increases. The YES-EcoCoat is designed to accommodate a variety of functionally diverse silanes, for a variety of surfaces. And, the plasma function allows surface preparation as well as in-situ chamber cleaning to assure run-to-run repeatability.

The YES-EcoCoat gives process engineers control over:
• Amount of liquid
• Speed of liquid injection
• Vaporization chamber temperature
• Vapor line temperature
• Process vacuum chamber
• Process starting pressure
• Exposure time
• Surface preparation


**Unit is SOLD AS/IS. It does not vacuum down and has an error message. 

Manufacture Specifications:

Clean Room Compatibility: Class 10
Chamber Material: 316L stainless steel
Chamber Size: 40.6 cm (W) x 46 cm (D) x 40.6 cm (H)
(16″x 18″ x 16″)
Overall System Dimensions: 103.5 cm (W) x 111.1 cm (D) x 114.46 cm (H)
(40.75″ x 42.75″ x 45.06″)
Light tower increases height by 30 cm (11.81”)
Loading: 4 removable internal stainless steel shelves; 16 available configurations
6-in. Cold Trap Capacities LN2: 1.6 liters; condensate: 1.6 liters
Filter: 0.5 micron filter
Mass Flow Controllers: Optional, up to 4 for gas mixing
Number of Recipes: 6 CVD, 4 plasma
Range of Exposure Time 0-999999
Resolution of Timer Setting: 1 second
RF Plasma Frequency: 40 kHz
RF Plasma Power: 100-1000 watts
Operation Temperature: Ambient to 205 °C
Uniformity: ± 5 °C during dwell after stabilization period
Chemical Usage: Typical process 3-5 ml
Chemical Volume: Control Control down to 0.1 ml
Process Gas Inputs: 1
Plasma Gas Inputs: 3
Vent Gas Consumption: 10 SCF/run average
Reactant Gas Consumption: 4.2 x 10-3 SCF
(based on standard process: 170°C @ 1000W w/20 SCFM pump)
Wafer Capacity: 8 cassettes 100mm – 150mm wafers
2 cassettes 200mm – 300mm wafers
Wafer Throughput: Typically 1-2 loads/hr; varies by process
Slide Throughput: 600 slides/hr for CVD
Safety: Audible and visual alarms; redundant over-temp monitoring
Auto LN2 Refill: (option) 200-240 VAC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz, 4.2 amps max., 1 phase, 850 watts max.

Additional information

Weight 1250 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 51 × 66 in
Make YES
Model YES-1224P
Serial 88937
Working Working
Item Condition Needs repairs
Includes Power Cord
Warranty AS-IS
Voltage 220V
hertz 60Hz


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