Millipore Elix 5UV ZLXEV05WW Water Purification w 30L Storage Tank TANKPE030

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Millipore Elix Essential 5 UV Water Purification ZLXEV05WW:

Elix Essential systems are ideal for laboratories needing an easy-to-use economical solution that provides a constant and reliable source of Type 2 pure water. Patented Elix electrodeionization technology is combined with complementary water purification techniques, including pretreatment, reverse osmosis, and bacteriocidal UV lamp treatment (in Elix Essential UV systems not included) to produce Type 2 pure water of consistently-pure and reliable water quality. As there are no resin packs to change, thanks to the Elix module technology, users benefit from low and predictable running costs.

Type 2 pure water of consistent and reliable quality
Complementary water purification techniques, including state-ofthe-art Elix electrodeionization (EDI) technology, ensure delivery of constant and reliable quality Type 2 pure water.

High-quality pure water meeting the specifications for your applications
With resistivity >5 MΩ·cm at 25° (typically 10–15 MΩ·cm) and TOC <30 ppb, Elix Essential system product water is of better quality than double-distilled water.

Low and predictable running costs
With no resin packs to change, the self-regenerating Elix EDI module lowers running costs. Overall reduced water and electricity use also allow significant savings.

A user-friendly system
Intuitive controls simplify Elix Essential system use, providing just the information required. System alert and alarm icons are shown on a color-coded backlit LCD display to clearly show message importance

Full control of pure water quality
Key water quality parameters are measured by the system’s high-precision monitoring equipment. RFID technology makes Progard pretreatment packs fully traceable.

Easy maintenance
On the system, there is just one Progard pretreatment pack (not included) to change and a new, ergonomic pack locking system lets users do this quickly and easily. Automatic functions provide additional self-maintenance.

The best use of laboratory space
Elix Essential systems have a small footprint, enabling convenient installation on or under the bench, or on a wall. Systems provide 3, 5, 10, or 15 liters of pure water per hour.

Confidence in your water purification system supplier
Elix Essential systems are manufactured in an ISO-registered manufacturing site, and Milli-Q Service Plans offer a full range of support. We are a partner you can count on.

Millipore 30L PE Polyethylene Storage Tank TANKPE030:

Purifying water is useless if the quality of the pure water degrades during storage. MilliporeSigma’s 30 L polyethylene (PE) tanks are designed to maintain consistent purity of the stored water and provide effective protection against airborne contaminants.

Unique features

  • Polyethylene selected for its minimum release of extractables
  • Opaque walls block sunlight to prevent algae development
  • Smooth inner surface prevents biofilm formation
  • Cylindrical shape minimizes surface area in contact with water
  • Conical bottom allows complete draining for cleaning and rinsing
  • Pure water smoothly fed in at the bottom of the tank prevents
    absorption of carbon dioxide
  • Front valve enables manual dispense of pure water
  • Distribution valves permit connection to other laboratory equipment
  • Hermetically sealed lid blocks air from entering the tank
  • Large top opening allows manual cleaning during sanitization procedure
  • Compact space-saving design

Fail-safe protection

  • Sensor rod float switch system for automatic storage tank refill
    and indication of water level (% full)
  • Overflow connected to the drain, in the unlikely event of a water
    system malfunction
  • Direct display of stored water level on water purification system units
  • Water sensor

Designed for efficiency

  • Hermetically sealed lid
  • Sensor rod float switch
  • Sanitary overflow
  • Blow-molded storage tank
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Conical bottom with distribution valves
  • Front dispensing valve
  • Advanced vent filter


  • Maximum Usable Capacity: 25 L
  • Weight (full): 30 kg (66.14lb.)

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 36 × 36 in
Make Millipore
Model Elix Essential 5 UV ZLXEV05WW; 30L Storage Tank TANKPE030
Serial F2AA71727
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Includes Power Cord
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Shipping Type Freight


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