Alloy Product Corp. 15 Gallon 316L Stainless Steel Vessel W/ Rosemount Analytics

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Type 316L low-carbon stainless steel is the material of choice in the product contact area. Low-carbon stainless steel eliminates sensitization or carbide precipitation in the vessels weld areas, and it reduces the formation of chromium carbide, which can deplete chromium from the weld areas and expose them to corrosion. A stainless steel rich in chromium provides maximum passivity. 

The Rosemount Analytical Model 54e series of analyzers, when combined with the appropriate sensors, monitor and control pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, dissolved oxygen (ppm and ppb level), free chlorine, total chlorine, or ozone in a variety of process liquids.


Manufacture Specification 

Capacity (gal)  15
Outside Diameter (in) 24
Vessel Material T-316L
Finish Electropolish
Skirt Stainless Steel

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 42 × 56 in
Make Alloy Products Corp
Model 316L
Serial 112990-001,
Manufacturing Date 2002
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Includes Power Cord
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Voltage 120V
hertz 60Hz
Shipping Type Freight


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