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ParaDNA indicates whether samples collected at the crime scene contain human DNA and which of these are most likely to deliver investigative leads. It only takes 75 minutes to screen up to four samples and acquire this vital advance knowledge using fluorescent HyBeacons technology. The results indicate whether human DNA is present in sufficient quantity to generate a conventional STR profile upon submission to the laboratory. In addition, the sex of the sample donor is determined. ParaDNA does not supplant existing STR analysis, but augments the process and could save significant time and cost by effectively directing the investigative process. Using an innovative sample collector, minimal training is required to enable investigators to collect, assemble and analyze DNA. This poster presents the validation data that indicate the potential utility of the system in the United States, by screening several touch and saliva mock evidence samples.

Manufacture Specifcations:

Manufacturer   LGC Forensics
Product Name   ParaDNA
Detection Category   Biological;
Detection Principle   Microscopy;
Detection Method   Fluorescence Microscopy (FM);
Application   Detection;Emergency Response;
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)   9
Transportability   Person-Portable
Operating Conditions   5-35°C; 0 to 80% RH non-condensing
Sample Introduction   Liquid
Sensitivity/Detection Limits   pg; The ParaDNA Screening System has a detection limit of 62.5pg of DNA, equivalent to approximately 10 human cells. The lowest level tested where repeatable results were obtained was 250pg DNA, equivalent to approximately 40 cells.
Start Up Time (From Cold Start To Sample Ready)   System Startup: 5 minutes; Sampling <5 minutes
Response Time (Sample Application To Output)   >15 minutes; <75 minutes

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 22 in
Make ParaDNA
Model 4484402
Serial 131828-10
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Includes Power Cord
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Voltage 120V
hertz 60Hz
Shipping Type UPS Ground


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