PALL 28.3-84.5 Resolute DM Chromatography Column PED 600-V-EP5275-01

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The PALL Resolute DM Chromatography Column is a flexible, high-resolution flow path, closed system process scale column with adjustable bed height. This bio chromatography column has a 600 mm diameter and can be adjusted, giving you between 28.3-84.5 liters of volume. The high-resolution flow path of this chromatography column provides optimum efficiency, capacity, and peak symmetry. The central nozzle valve design allows users to pack and unpack their columns in a closed system, meaning less risk of exposure to hazardous materials and cross-contamination. The closed system design also translates to high reproducibility, reduced process validation, efficiency, and scalability. The marked acrylic column tube gives users high visibility of the packed bed while in operating, while the highly polished metal parts provide sturdy support. The sanitary design of this chromatography column allows for a fully flushed flow path and minimal dead space. 

Serial # 600-V-EP5275-01

Manufacture Specification 

Maximum Allowable Pressure

4.2 bar g

Minimum Pressure

-1.0 bar g


28.3-84.5 liters

Stainless steel surface finish

Product flow path: < 0.6 μm Ra, electropolished

Exterior components: < 0.9 μm Ra, electropolished

Pressure retaining plates: < 1.5 μm Ra, 240 (UK) grit sateen

Column frame: bright polished

Column tube


Operating temperature

2 – 30 °C

Additional information

Weight 1780 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 78 in
Make Pall
Model 600-V-EP5275-01
Serial 600-V-EP5275-01
Manufacturing Date 2003
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Shipping Type Freight


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