PFeiffer Vacuum Turbo molecular Drag Pump TMH 521-350-230P

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Vacuum technology is essential for making many high-tech products used in everyday life. Numerous applications in research and industry, in fact, need a vacuum with an extremely low absolute pressure (high vacuum). Turbopumps have established themselves globally as the technological standard, having acquired their name from their turbine cousins. High-speed rotors with up to 90,000 rpm generate the pressure conditions required for application. This allows a vacuum of up to 10-11 mbar to be generated in the high and ultra-high vacuum range.



The Pfeiffer TMH 521 / TMU 521 Water cooling or air cooling is required. The pump has a wear free permanent magnetic bearing on the high vacuum side and an oil circulatory lubricated ball bearing with ceramic balls on the fore-vacuum side.

The TMH 521 may only be used for purpose of generating vacuum. The pumps may only be used to pump those media against which they are chemically resistant. If the process produces dust, the maintenance intervals must be specified accordingly and sealing gas must be used. If the pump is to be operated with more than 50% of the permissible gas load, sealing gas must be used.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 10 in
Make Pfeiffer
Model TMH 521-350-230P
Serial 13477059
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Voltage 220V
Shipping Type UPS Ground


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