Waters SYNAPT Mass Spectrometer

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The Q-TOF is tandem mass spectrometer coupling a conventional quadrupole front end with an orthogonal time-of-flight (TOF) final stage.  It offers electrospray and nanoelectrospray ionization modes.  The TOF MS offers exact mass measurement capabilities (3 ppm) for the determination of elemental composition and increased specificity for the identification of unknowns. The high full scan sensitivity is used for comparative metabolomic global profiling where the maximum amount of information is required from a sample.


Manufactures Specification 

  • High sensitivity — High transmission efficiency of ZSpray source technology, T-Wave ion optics, T-Wave collision cell and oa-Tof transmission result in high sensitivity
  • High resolution — Up to 17,500 FWHM with W-Optics
  • High mass measurement capability — Routine exact mass measurement (3 ppm RMS) in MS and MS/MS with LockSpray and NanoLockSpray
  • Enhanced speed — Faster TDC (4 GHZ) delivers acquisition speeds of up to 20 spectra per second—compatible with UPLC-based separations
  • Dynamic Range Enhancement (pDRE) — Equipped with programmable DRE function, which enables quantitation and exact mass measurement over 4 orders of magnitude
  • Enhanced Duty Cycle — Enables enhanced sensitivity over targeted m/z ranges for detection of modified componentsMALDI — Exchangeable vacuum MALDI source enabling large scale MALDI MS and MS/MS analyses—compatible with 96- and 384-spot target plates
  • Resolving quadrupole — 4, 8 and 32k Da options
  • m/z range — up to 100,000 in V-Optics
  • Intelligent, automated MS/MS acquisition — Data Directed Analysis (DDA) and Precursor Ion Discovery


Additional information

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 34 × 63 in
Make Waters
Model Synapt
Serial JAA 218
Manufacturing Date Oct. 2008
Working Working
Item Condition Used
Includes Power Cord
Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Voltage 240V
hertz 50Hz/60Hz
Shipping Type Freight


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