ABI PRISM 6700 Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation

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Applied Biosystems PRISM 6700 Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation

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ABI Prism 6700 Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation is a flexible, fully automated system, designed to dramatically increase the throughput of nucleic acid preparation and reaction setup. In just over one hour, the 6700 workstation produces 96 purified samples of total RNA.

In less than 2.5 additional hours, the 6700 workstation prepares up to four fully assembled, 96-well reaction plates containing reagents, standards and controls for 5′ nuclease assay analysis or other nucleic acid-based assays.

The 6700 workstation is a specially engineered, fully automated laboratory robotic instrument that performs nucleic acid extraction and setup of analysis reaction plates. The ABI PRISM® 6700 workstations automated setup can help launch projects that would be cost-prohibitive without automation. Thus, users spend more time processing and analyzing data rather than executing routine assay steps. The workstation automates each step of nucleic acid purification to meet the analytical requirements of the nucleic acid analysis market. Most important, the effect of automation at this highly manual stage will help accelerate all future stages of users lab work, from research and development to drug discovery.


  • Fully automated system makes sample and reaction preparation for nucleic acid
    synthesis a seamless process
  • Unparalleled sample throughput helps you realize the full potential of your
    analysis instrument
  • Cost-effective sample preparation enables you to launch projects that might be
    cost-prohibitive without automation
  • Barcoding of all output trays allows full sample tracking from purification to


The 6700 workstation can perform the following nucleic acid preparation protocols:

Lysis: Lyse cells with Applied Biosystems reagents
DNA Precipitation: Precipitate DNA with Applied Biosystems reagents
RNA Archive: Purify RNA from lysed cells
DNA Archive: Purify DNA from precipitated DNA
cDNA Archive: Synthesize cDNA from RNA
Dilution Archive: Dilute nucleic acid samples
Assay: Prepare plates for nucleic acid assays



Throughput: 96 Purified total RNA samples in < 90 minutes, and four assay plates
in < 3.5 hours; Two 96-well dilution archives in < 1 hour

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Model 6700 Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation
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