Lab Equipment: Checking Everything off Your Back-to-Lab List

Back To Lab List

Whether you’re starting a new research project or moving into a new lab, REUZEit is here to help you check everything off your back-to-lab list! We know that stocking your workspace with the necessary lab equipment can be a daunting and expensive task, but we do our very best to make it easy for you. 

REUZEit offers high-functioning used lab supplies for a fraction of the price of new laboratory equipment. Furthermore, if you’re in need of lab moving assistance we have a highly experienced, dedicated in-house project team that specializes in helping laboratories across the world move and set up labs. From small labs to 5,000,000 sq. ft multi-building sites, we can handle it all.

Used Microscopes

Let’s take a look at our Back-to-Lab List, shall we?

REUZEit offers a wide variety of discount lab supplies from each category below.

    • Analytical Equipment – Analytical Equipment is used to analyze samples to determine the chemical makeup and composition of matter.
    • Autoclave/Sterilizer – Autoclave machines are used to carry out sterilization through an industrial heating process. 
    • Cell Counting/Sorting – Cell Counting and sorting machines are used to determine the number of live cells in order to prepare them for passaging or other experiments.
    • Centrifugation – Centrifuges are machines that use centrifugal force to separate particles from a solution according to their size, shape, and density.
    • Cold Storage– Cold Storage is often used for the preservation of samples including certain antibodies and enzymes, buffers for regularly performed experiments, as well as cell culture media.
    • Evaporator – Evaporators are used to turn the liquid form of a chemical substance into its gaseous-form. 
    • HPLC/FPLC/GC/CE –  Various methods of chromatography are used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds. REUZEit has a vast selection of chemistry lab equipment that is specialized in high-performance liquid chromatography, fast protein liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and capillary electrochromatography.
    • Incubator – Lab incubators are enclosed apparatuses providing a controlled heated environment. 
    • Lyophilizer – Lyophilizers perform water removal processes typically used to preserve perishable items, extend shelf life, or make the material more convenient for transportation. 
    • Mass Spectrometry – Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique that is used to measure the mass-to-charge ratio of ions. 
    • Microscope – Microscopes are used to investigate objects unseen by the naked eye. They’re vital in identifying the structures and behaviors of small matter. Our microscopes vary in ranges magnification to deliver the power you need to fuel your discoveries. 
    • Scale/Balance – Scales are important for precise and accurate measurements of mass.
    • Spectrometer – Spectrometers are used to observe a property of light as a function of its portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Whatever your research goals are, REUZEit is here to help you reach them through the consignment of affordable and reliable surplus lab equipment. 

Before getting started on your next project, double-check your lab list and browse our USA-based Store or our European Store to shop discount laboratory equipment that will work to move your research forward.