How Used Lab Equipment Fuels Our “Landfill Last” Mantra

used lab equipment

As technology advances, e-waste is becoming the most rapidly growing waste problem in the world. We generate about 50 million tons of it every year. This is equivalent to throwing out 1000 laptops every single second. As advocates for planet Earth, we recognize that we have become part of the problem. Nonetheless, we have dedicated our company to a “landfill last” philosophy that helps to combat the amount of e-waste ending up in landfills. Our efforts to collect surplus and used lab equipment and reintroduce it into the scientific community supports a circular economy,  in which lab equipment is given another life cycle before ending up in our landfills.


What is E-Waste?

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is a term loosely applied to consumer and business electronic equipment that is near or at the end of its useful life. When a cell phone, microwave, laptop, or washing machine is obsolete and no longer has use, it is considered e-waste. 


Where Does E-Waste go?

Electronics like this often get thrown away rather than recycled. These items can end up in landfills, causing harm to Earth and its inhabitants. The improper disposal of e-waste leads to contamination of water and soil. 


What Are Side Effects of E-Waste?

Improper handling of e-waste can lead to human exposure to harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium and lithium. These toxins are known to negatively impact health through damage to the brain, kidney, liver, heart, and skeletal system. 


How Do We Reduce the Negative Effects of E-Waste?

The best way to reduce the negative effects of e-waste is to recycle and reuse. Consider giving your e-waste to a certified e-waste recycler like BAN or selling/donating your electronic items. 


How Purchasing Used Lab Equipment Can Reduce E-Waste in Our Landfills

Putting your electronics in the hands of another person in need of it helps support a circular economy by prolonging the life of electronics that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. We recognize that our role in supplying used lab equipment as well as surplus lab equipment to laboratories worldwide can impact the world for the better. We are committed to carrying out our mission to supply laboratories with more affordable technology that fuels their research while carrying out our “landfill last” mission.


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