How to Afford Lab Equipment on a Tight Budget

Lab equipment is constantly evolving and aiding the research used to make new discoveries in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, and science. As technology advances, the need for more sophisticated equipment inevitably increases, and unfortunately so does the cost. Luckily, there are other methods to obtain the best equipment to meet your needs at the lab without maxing out your budget. Here are some key strategies to help you find affordable lab equipment!

Special Offers and Sales

When purchasing from lab equipment distributors, make sure to check multiple websites for the item you’re interested in. This allows you to compare prices and figure out which distributor has the best offer. Special offers are typically reserved for older lab supplies rather than new models, but don’t count these out! Just because a piece of lab equipment is older does not mean it is not worth investing in. 

Used Lab Equipment

Purchasing used laboratory equipment is one of the most budget-friendly ways to stock your lab while still using high-quality lab equipment. This can sometimes be a tricky process, due to the risks associated with potentially faulty equipment. For this reason, we recommend purchasing from a trusted seller that specializes in used lab supplies, like REUZEit. If you decide to purchase used lab equipment, reading our Tips for Buying Used Lab Equipment post is a great way to start. 

Refurbished and Surplus Lab Equipment

Purchasing refurbished or surplus lab equipment is another option that can save you money. Refurbished equipment is equipment that started to malfunction and was sent back to the manufacturer or vendor for repair. After the repairs have been performed, the item is generally as good as new, in terms of performance. Due to this process, these items are then restocked and sold at a discounted rate. If you’re in need of new models of equipment, this is the best way to get a good price on the newest technology.

When a lab or manufacturer has a surplus of science lab equipment, they will either auction it off to another seller or sell it themselves. They often sell it at a discounted rate in order to free up space in their lab or warehouse, or to move the lab equipment quickly. Surplus lab equipment is typically new or lightly used. At REUZEit, you can find tons of surplus lab equipment for sale at discounted prices! 

How REUZEit Can Save You Money

Investing in laboratory equipment for your scientific research is completely a necessary cost, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one! Money saved on one product can be used to finance another resource that is just as important to your progress. Harness the technology you need to fuel significant scientific research. Whether you’re searching for innovative chemistry lab equipment or looking to replace broken lab equipment, REUZEit offers low-cost solutions that work as hard as you do. Browse the best surplus and gently used biotech and pharmaceutical equipment on the market! Check out our USA-based store or our European Store to shop discount laboratory equipment.