Funding for the Future of Sustainability

Funding for the future of Sustainability

Hello again, it’s Ryan Andrews. I am REUZEit’s Chief Innovation Officer and have been an integral part of the company’s overall development selling used lab equipment. Over the past 10+ years, our vision of creating a circular economy through surplus asset management as a service has propelled REUZEit to what it is today. In this blog, I’ll be discussing our vision of sustainability that we hope to share with future investors. 

Funding Sustainability and a REUZE Economy

We understand that money-raising for your business can be a tedious and frustrating process. Finding the right method for funding is the first step, and for passionate founders, this can be a hard pill to swallow. 

For the first time ever, REUZEit is looking for investors. We have thought through what type of investment vehicle we prefer. Without getting into the options considered, we ultimately landed on seeking a partner, rather than a faceless investment firm.

We want our investors to adopt our vision, to be more of a partner in our mission, to be excited about the potential impacts on our world, and to be ready to jump on this rocketship. We are looking for those who have been wanting to do something meaningful with their money and want to leave a legacy on this Earth. 

Our mission is to inspire and create change with how all organizations and people address surplus assets. We want to ignite a REUZE revolution across all industries. 

The Impact REUZEit Can Have on Sustainability

We truly believe that REUZEit can be the future of sustainability. In a REUZE economy, we can shift current spending and usage trends. We can shorten the gap between providers and users, create a transparent and circular economy all aligned with the same mission, to make this world a cleaner and more sustainable place. 

Our recipe and vision have been curated over the past 5 years while beta testing with some of the largest life sciences companies in the world. We have gone through the trials and tribulations of any new concept experience, crafting a solution-based program, and directly addressing common pain points within organizations. These are pain points that many organizations are just starting to see and address. With our Surplus Asset Management Program, we can accelerate your sustainability goals, specifically by introducing disposition strategies and reporting.

I am sure you have heard the term “end of life” in regards to planning for sustainable use. Recycling is the most common practice to achieve optimized end-of-life solutions. However, the data and research we have conducted over the years point towards a better way. 

REUZEit provides a set of software and physical services to extend the useful life of every asset for as long as possible. Every time we can take an asset at its “end-of-life” and give it a new life through REUZE, we are making significant ripples in sustainability. These ripples extend beyond landfill avoidance. Reuse creates sustainable spending, sustainable use demand on natural resources in manufacturing, expedited deployment of high-demand assets, reduction of greenhouse gases, and production of carbon credits. A reuse economy can change our current wasteful trajectories and get everyone on track for a sustainable future. 

If you are as passionate about the reuse economy as we are, please apply to be our new partner at 

REUZEit: The All-in-One Solution for Used and Surplus Lab Equipment

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