How REUZEit Differentiates Our Services & Client Experience


At REUZEit, we take pride in differentiating our services and client experience in a myriad of ways. From our convenient cloud platform which streamlines surplus asset management, to our global presence and disposition abilities, we offer targeted solutions unique to our clients and their specific needs. Find out what distinguishes our services and client experience from the competition and visit the REUZEit website for a deeper understanding of our broader environmental mission. 

Using Our Surplus Asset Management Cloud Platform for Redeployment

To start, REUZEit’s streamlined cloud platform allows users to schedule equipment pickups, plan out large projects, and find specific equipment with a simple product search. In addition, the platform offers 24/7 access to your asset status in the form of insightful live reporting, data exports, and easy-to-manage dashboards to keep your operations cohesive. Through our cloud platform, our customers can purchase assets from our equipment partners with the click of a mouse, allowing for redeployment on a global scale thanks to our international locations. 

Global Project Delivery and Pickup Services

Thanks to our local warehouse in Temecula, California, as well as our European warehouses in Waddinxveen, Netherlands, and Bracknell in the UK, REUZEit can carry out global equipment retrieval for a range of needs. Whether it be a single item you’d like to retire or an entire facility’s worth of equipment, our A-to-Z asset management services span whole site closures, moves and transfers, lease turnovers, and remediations. This versatility in project size and alternate services is what truly fuels our client experience.

Mindful Reverse Logistics Programs and Disposition Strategies

The custom programs we use to coordinate logistics are unique as well, further separating our client experience from the rest. Any returns and trade-ins can be redirected to REUZEit facilities to plan out logistics, storage plans, parts harvesting, resale, or redeployment. By rerouting equipment returns and trade-ins to REUZEit facilities, our Keystone Clients effectively gain productivity out of a typical expense. These logistics programs largely play into our disposition strategies too, which entail how we handle your retired assets moving forward. Our disposition formula is thorough and considers the unique storage and reconditioning requirements for each asset, alongside variables such as purpose, value, estimated time, and space allowed. In short, no detail goes unseen. 

Storage Capabilities and Dedicated Account Support

When you store a surplus asset in one of REUZEit’s warehouses, you’ll never miss a beat. Our platform offers detailed visibility of your units on a 24/7 basis throughout the disposition process, including information on JIT or staging, sale status, redeployment timeline, recycling efforts, and received donations. Additionally, our clients reap the benefits of a dedicated team of account managers to help with navigating the REUZEit cloud platform, bring your surplus asset management program to fruition, and ultimately deliver an unbeatable client experience 

Choose REUZEit for a Seamless Client Experience

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