REUZEit’s Selection of Cell Expansion, Washing, & Counting Equipment


Are you browsing for cell expansion, washing, or counting equipment to complement your research efforts? Buying from REUZEit is significantly less costly than a full retail purchase, and actively contributes to the broader circular economy by keeping wasted units out of the landfill. Read on for the most popular pieces of cell expansion, washing, and counting equipment offered by REUZEit. 

Cell Expansion: GE Xuri Cell Expansion System W25

From GE Healthcare, the Xuri Cell Expansion System is designed to create an automated and controlled expansion environment to grow cell therapies in volumes up to 25L. Its applications span a number of research types, manufacturing operations, and process development. Here’s a breakdown of its most notable features:

  • Achieves high cell densities via automated perfusion protocols
  • Processes are kept in control with advanced controls and remote monitoring with UNICORN software, not included with purchase
  • Minimizes cell contamination risks by employing a closed system
  • Best used in a regulated environment

The unit’s closeI hd system utilizes WAVE rocking technology to gently mix and aerate the culture, which ultimately yields high cell densities with minimal contamination risk. This piece of cell expansion equipment runs for $34,500 on the REUZEit website with financing starting at $700.23 per month for U.S. customers.

Cell Washing: Thermo Scientific CW3 

Next, the CW3 Cell Washer from Thermo Scientific aims to achieve precise, automated performance through reproducible blood cell washing for up to 24 tubes per run. The unit offers pre-set programs for time savings and ease-of-use, such as “automatic mode.” Additionally, the option to use either 12- or 24-place rotors gives you the flexibility you need to meet any critical protocol requirements. Lastly, the digital display on the CW3 is both easy-to-read and conveniently user-friendly for how complicated its processes are. Check it out on the REUZEit website, where it’s listed for $5,400 with financing starting at $114.93 per month for American buyers.

Cell Counting: RWD Life Science C100 

Lastly, the C100 Automatic Cell Counter by RWD Life Science leverages automation to speed up research and ultimately save you precious lab time. It’s a highly reliable cell counting unit bolstered by intelligent analysis software, alongside top-of-the-line microscopy optics abilities. Thanks to its advanced software, the C100 can accurately identify cells, safely count them, and perform fluorescence analysis in only 15 seconds – with “fast counting mode” requiring only 3 seconds to complete. The main advantage with this unit is how it takes the work of daily cell counting off of your plate, leaving time for other important tasks and processes. The C100 Automated Cell Counter is priced at $4,500 on the REUZEit website, with financing starting at $95.78 per month for U.S. purchases.

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