5 Ways to Support a Circular Economy

Unfortunately, the world we know today fails to keep sustainability in mind. Most people don’t even bat an eye when it comes to throwing things away, further contributing to landfill waste. Everything from our electronics to our toothbrushes are made with an expiration date. Once these possessions reach their shelf life, we are eager to dump them and buy the latest version. 

All of this garbage then goes on to waste away in some landfill, out of sight and out of mind. This system we’ve become so accustomed to has started to take a toll on the planet we call home, something that most people fail to realize. However, many environmental experts and foundations are working diligently towards a sustainable future.

What is a Circular Economy?

A circular economy is an economical structure that reduces the amount of waste we create and increases the use of renewable energy and recyclable resources. It involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. Ultimately, the life cycle of products is extended and waste is reduced. 

With a circular design in place, we would see our planet’s natural ecosystems regenerate and thrive, a reduction in overflowing landfills, and an overall life extension on products. The future would look much brighter and greener for generations to come.

Ways to Support a Circular Economy 

#1 Building Smarter

In order to evolve into a more sustainable society, design companies must begin building products with the planet’s well-being in mind. This means using materials that are biodegradable or recyclable. 

#2 Building Longevity 

We need to alter our business models to focus on building products that are designed to last longer and to be refurbished and resold at the end of their initial shelf lives. Producers and manufacturers could receive their own used or damaged goods and reuse the materials for new products.

#3 Renewable Energy Resources

It is crucial that we transition away from our current means of obtaining fuel and the detrimental effect it has on our planet. Applying the structure of a circular economy would bring with it the transition to solar energy, or other sustainable energy methods. 

#4 Introducing a New Industry

In changing the way we do things, we will see the rise of a new industry. Implementing this new way of doing things not only creates a more sustainable industry but also opens up the opportunity for more jobs. Environment-focused careers geared towards the operations of a circular economy will bloom.

#5 Choosing Sustainability

So how can you do your part to reach this goal of a circular economy? Be conscious about which brands you support. Pay attention to what recycling efforts are in place, the impact on the environment, and the lasting effects on the planet. 

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